Sunday, July 25, 2010

Helping Hudson, A Wheelie Great Cause...

I received an email a week ago from Genna Gifford asking me if I would write a tutorial in support of raising money for the Helping Hudson fund.

Helping Hudson , A wheelie Great Cause is fundraiser for fellow demonstrator Tina Gillespie from Adelaide, Australia and her 2 year old son, Hudson. Hudson has been diagnosed with multiple disabilities and is in desperate need of a wheelchair/walker to help him learn to move around. 

The event will run from August 1 through to August 22, during which time there will be tutorial bundles available for purchase. Each bundle will contain 10 tutorials and will be available for $10 AUS - all of which will go into the Helping Hudson fund.

Below is an example of the bundles/ themes

1. Christmas
2. Kids' Birthdays (incl. invitations, gifts, party favours, etc.)
3. Scrapbooking
4. Punch Art
5. Bags & Boxes
6. Projects for Men and Boys

There will also be some really great competitions and challenges running during this time so keep an eye out for these also.

Details on how to purchase these bundles will be available in the next day or two.


Debbie Lamb said...

What a wonderful idea! I'll be sure to keep an eye out on how to purchase these bundles. All the best to lots of sales for a very worthwhile cause.

Julia said...

it's a great cause Anna, did you do the tutorial for the cool mans suit? I hope so - I will want one of those! lol I did one for the hand bag sale shop front. Have a great day. :-)