Saturday, October 03, 2009

Ben 10, Alien Force - Part 1...

It's hard to beleive that yet another year has past and that on Monday Connor is turning four. This year has been a busy one for him, firstly starting Kindy and then the arival of his new brother. He's also enjoying having me at home. Anyway this is the card I have made him for his birthday. If you ask him what his favourite program is at the moment he will tell you 'Ben 10, Alien Force'.

To make the card I did a search on the net for an image. I found a black and white colouring in page which I reduced in size and printed off half a dozen times on coloured paper. I then cut out each piece in the relevant colour and pieced it back together. I'm sure he is going to love it.


Tracee, Peter, Hayden, Campbell and Bridie said...

Oh Anna - don't suppose I could order one of those for a boy turning 6 tomorrow? (and a girly one for his twin sister?!)

megan said...

what a cleaver card. I thought it was just a picture that you had cut out till I read the blog. You have inspired me Thomas printed cut out and mounted. bye off i go to find a suitable picture.